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Joshua Dread: He’s Back!!!

September 17, 2013

Today our colleague Bobbie joins us with a review of Lee Bacon’s JOSHUA DREAD series. If you haven’t discovered these books yet, you’ll be adding them to your must read list after you’ve read what she has to say!

Almost a year ago, I introduced you to a new series in a post called Joshua Dread: The Next Great Superhero/Villain? You can check it out here. I was brimming with excitement after reading the first installment of Lee Bacon’s Joshua Dread series and anxious to share it with the world.

Joshua Dread

Here we are, ten months later, with the release of Book 2 just around the corner and my love for the series continues! The first book captivated an audience of young readers craving a smart, funny, and energetic story about a new kind of hero. Joshua isn’t tough. He isn’t big. But he is a good friend, a normal kid—someone any other kid can relate to. The only thing different about Joshua is, well, he has superpowers…

We learn in Book 1 that unlike his super-villain parents, Joshua wants to use his super powers for good rather than evil. If you haven’t read the first book yet, I will not ruin anything for you—it’s a treat to read. Suffice to say that we end book one with the understanding that Joshua’s parents may be putting their villainous powers to rest, if only for a little while.

The beauty of Book 2, The Nameless Hero, is that you don’t need to be familiar with Book 1 to enjoy or understand the read. Bacon does a good job of setting things up and creating a fresh story that stands on its own, while still serving the overarching story that moves the series forward.

Joshua Dread Book 2

In The Nameless Hero, Joshua Dread receives an invitation to Gyfted & Talented, the mysterious program for kids with superpowers and his plans for a normal summer turn upside down. Evil maniac Phineas Vex is still alive—and he wants Joshua dead. So if G&T can help prepare Joshua for battle, he’s all in. And so are his friends Sophie and Milton, the two sidekicks that see him through the first book.

Unbeknownst to them, Joshua and his friends have been chosen to form the greatest superhero team of all time, as long as they make it through G&T’s rigorous training. Suddenly Joshua is thrust into the media spotlight, and it’s not as glamorous as people think. And more than that, what if his supervillain parents find out that the new celebrity superhero is . . . Joshua?

As you can guess, the second book doesn’t disappoint. It’s as funny, genuine, and as high-impact as the first. I’d recommend it to readers of comics, action-adventure stories, humor, and just about anything in between.

I will be sitting down with author Lee Bacon at the end of September to discuss his inspiration for and thoughts on the Joshua Dread series. I’m sure it’ll prove to be a fun and whacky conversation! Look out for a future post that will include the link to the taped interview!

And enjoy The Nameless Hero when it hits stores next Tuesday, September 24th.

Many Thanks to Bobbie for this great post, and thank you to all of our readers for joining us at RAoR today!

Please share your thoughts in our comments section.

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