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The Wait is Over! New Books Available in Paperback in JULY

July 23, 2013

The extreme heat in much of the country right now is the perfect reason for all of us to escape to a cool spot, indoors or outdoors, with a good book! So if you’re looking for something new to read you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our favorites, all new in paperback and a few paperback originals too.

Picture Book

Child of the Civil Rights Movement by Paula Young Shelton, illustrated by Raul Colon

Child of the Civil Rights Movement

Paula Young Shelton, daughter of Civil Rights activist Andrew Young, brings a child’s unique perspective to an important chapter in America’s history. She grew up in the deep south, and is a witness to the struggle for civil rights in our country. She was surrounded by the people who led the march for change and equality, including her Uncle Martin (Martin Luther King). In this book perfect for sharing with the whole family we see history through a child’s eyes.

Early Readers from National Geographic: Meerkats, Predators, Weather

NG Reader MeerkatsNG Reader Deadly PredatorsNG Reader Weather

Any parent, bookseller or teacher knows that when kids get the reading bug they often can’t get enough, and the publication of three new National Geographic Readers gives us all something to be happy about! From the adorable and quirky meerkat, to predators like sharks, wolves and tigers, and more(!), and what better time than now to look at weather than summer when you never know it there’s a thunder storm right around the corner. Packed with pictures and kid friendly information kids will be having so much fun reading they won’t even realize they’re learning.

The Paradise Trap  by Catherine Jinks

Paradise Trap

What starts out looking like the worst vacation ever takes an interesting turn when Marcus discovers the staircase under their trailer……….and a witch and another level of adventure. From the author of EVIL GENIUS,  a perfect summer vacation story!

Horse Camp by Nicole Helget and Nate LeBoutillier

Horse Camp

Perfect for Summer Fun Reading! Twins Percy & Penny spend the summer at their uncle’s farm. Lots of adventure, culture shock and a little bit of growing up too. Great for boy and girl readers, and a great pick for your book group!

National Geographic World History Biographies: Alexander, Isaac Newton and Mozart

NG Bio AlexanderNG Bio Isaac NewtonNG Bio Mozart

Yes, a fresh take on history! National Geographic makes these three iconic figures of history interesting and makes learning fun, bringing them to life for young learners. They also remind us that these greats of history were children before they were famous and makes them much more relateable for readers of any age. Dive into history and find out how fascinating it really is!

One Moment by Kristina McBride

One MomentEverything can change in one moment, but Maggie can’t remember anything about what happened. She remembers the end of year party the night before, the great time with friends that day, even climbing up to dive off the cliff with her boyfriend, but not what happened next….. Is she responsible for her boyfriend’s death? Will she ever know what really happened. Slowly the pieces come together, and secrets are revealed. A great book for fans of Jay Asher and Sara Zarr.

The Spectacular Now  by Tim Tharp

Spectacular Now

Tim Tharp is a master of the realistic YA novel, from Knights of the Hill County, to his most recent Mojo. The Spectacular Now was nominated for a National Book Award, and has now been made into a movie that was one of the most buzzed about films at Sundance earlier this year and will be released this summer!  This story about Sutter Keely, the young man about town that everyone want at their party, Sutter is the party. Until one morning when he wakes up on someone’s lawn and realizes what a mess he is, and he meets Aimee who is kind of a social mess all on her own. What does the future hold for these two? Read and find out, you won’t be disappointed.

The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman

Book of Blood and Shadow

Like The DaVinci Code for teens. Likeable yet complex characters, great adventure and just a beautifully told thriller. Nora has had a bad night, he best friend is dead, her boyfriend is missing and she doesn’t know if she’s a killer or the next victim. Thus begins a trip from the US to Paris and finally Vienna, where secrets will be revealed, but not without a price. A spectacular book to escape with on a Summer afternoon.

Thanks for joining us today at RAoR, we hope you are having a wonderful, book filled Summer!

Please share your thoughts in our comments section.

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