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The View From Monday – New Titles Available in May

May 6, 2013

Spring has finally arrived, and with the May flowers comes a whole new assortment of wonderful books, so much to read !

Board Books and Picture Books

Good Night, Monkey Boy! by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Good Night Monkey Boy Board

From the hardest working man in the children’s book world we bring you a board book edition of the perfect good night book! So familiar that kids and parents will love to read this book before bed many nights, but be warned, it might take two or three readings before your own Monkey Boy, or Girl is ready to go off to sleep.

It’s a Firefly Night by Dianne Ochiltree, illustrated by Betsy Snyder

It's a Firefly Night

A delightful rhyming concept book perfect for bedtime reading! In addition to counting, it’s a lovely glimpse at “nature’s nightlight” the firefly. Betsy Snyder’s illustrations highlight the beauty of summer nights—I swear the stars really do twinkle on the pages.

Toys in Space by Mini Grey

Toys in Space

Mini Grey just gets how kids think. From Traction Man is Here, to Three by the Sea, to The Very Smart Pea and the Princess to Be are clever stories that just make sense of the world for parents and kids. In this new book, the toys are left out in the yard overnight, they are enjoying stargazing when one of those stars turns out to be a spaceship……with an adorable alien who needs their help. A story of new friends and a problem solved leads to a happy ending for all.

The Mighty Lalouche by Matthew Olshan, illustrated by Sophie Blackall

Mighty Lalouche

A uniquely offbeat story of a tiny man with the will to win. Lalouche is a postman who decides to be a boxer when he needs to find a new job. He may be small but he’s stong and nimble and he’s a winner against the odds. Sophie Blackall’s art brings this quirky underdog story to life. Fun Fact: When the author heard that Sophie Blackall collected old pictures of boxers, especially “extremely skinny ones with big billowing boxing trunks”, he wrote this story just for her.

Middle Grade and Young Adult

Twerp by Mark Goldblatt


Something happened, Danley got hurt and Julian Twerski, “Twerp” got a week’s suspension. When he gets back to school his teacher offers him a deal: “write about what happened and you don’t have to write about Shakespeare”. Julian accepts. Little does he know that it will take him pretty much the whole school year to get to writing about the incident, and we readers get to be along for the journey. A great book for boys, girls, parents and teachers, and possibly for those budding writers too. “Twerp” is a book and a character who will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.  Click here to read Bobbie’s recent review of Twerp.

Odessa Again by Dana Reinhardt

Odessa Again

Odessa’s life isn’t going the way she’d imagined, then one day she stomps on the floor of her attic room and goes back in time…one whole day. Can she use this new-found power to go back and fix all those things that didn’t go her way? Or will there be a trade-off? This story for younger readers from Dana Reinhardt, author of one of my favorite books A Brief History of My Impossible Life is absolutely charming.

Paperboy by Vince Vawter


It’s 1959 Memphis, and in this story we meet a boy who can throw a fastball with ease, yet is terribly shy because he stutters. He’s fine as long as he doesn’t have to talk, but he’s going to be taking over a friend’s paper route and he’ll have to “communicate” with the customers. And that may be the least of his worries. You’ll be rooting for our hero to find the courage he needs. Be sure to come back to RAoR on Wednesday for a Q&A with author Vince Vawter.

Spirit and Dust by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Spirit and Dust

Never has paranormal been so much fun as it is in the hands of Rosemary Clement-Moore, author of my favorite paranormal trilogy the “Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil” books. Daisy Goodnight speaks to the dead, no big deal……until she’s kidnapped by a mob boss whose daughter is missing. Get ready for a snarkily narrated wild ride.

The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan

Beautiful and the CursedSomething scandalous occurred in London, and Ingrid and her family were forced to move. They have landed in Paris and their home is ever so creepy, as are the people who work there. To add to the disruption in their lives, Ingrid’s twin brother Grayson, who had gone on ahead is now missing. The Beautiful and the Cursed is a page-turning mystery filled with secrets, murder, a missing sibling, and gargoyles that come to life in various forms, and maybe a little romance too! How can you pass up this one?

Kindness for Weakness by Shawn Goodman

Kindness for Weakness

Life is pretty much all about survival for James, and one big mistake (helping out his drug dealing body building brother) lands him in juvenile jail. Knowing how to survive has never been so crucial as it is now. For fans of Walter Dean Myers and Michael Harmon. To see a more in depth review of this title from Erin & Nic click here.

 Thanks for joining us today at RAoReading, we hope we’ve given you a lot of new reading suggestions for you next trip to the bookstore or library!

Happy Reading.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. May 6, 2013 8:06 am

    Oh man, several of those titles look fantastic!

  2. May 6, 2013 9:37 am

    I will have to keep an eye out for It’s a Firefly Night. Counting is big around here right now.

  3. May 6, 2013 12:59 pm

    Cannot wait for TWERP!

  4. May 6, 2013 5:47 pm

    Thanks for the list of new titles. I’ll be looking for a few of these for my students.

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