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Duck & Goose and Tad Hills Go Screen Free!

April 10, 2013

Screen Free Week is April 29 – May 4, and at RAoR we’re joining that party. The fun will be in full swing when four Random House authors, Tad Hills, Bob Staake, Dan Yaccarino and Chris Raschka kick off their Screen Free Tour at The Eric Carle Museum on April 28. Earlier this week we featured Bob Staake and his new book Bluebird. In two weeks we’ll have guest posts from Chris Raschka and Dan Yaccarino, but today belongs to Tad Hills and his friends Duck & Goose who join us to talk about what they’ll be doing during Screen Free Week, and more!

Goose Needs a Hug

What will Duck and Goose be doing during Screen Free Week?

Duck and Goose will be accompanying me on a mini tour to promote being screen free. Along the way they will be busy having fun splashing in puddles,standing on their heads, playing hide-and-seek and tag. Of course they’ll bring their ball along too.

 Duck and Goose 

Are they big readers or do they prefer to be read to? 

Well, they do love to read, that is for sure. They both read A Ball For Daisy recently. They loved it, but it got them worrying about their own ball. Since then they’ve been reading manuals about how to patch and re-inflate damaged balls. They love it when I read to them, too. There’s nothing like sitting down in a comfy chair reading to Duck on one shoulder and Goose on the other. 

 Duck Duck Goose

What will you, author/illustrator Tad Hills be doing during Screen Free Week?

I will be visiting schools and talking to kids about things that they can do that don’t require or involve a screen. And I will also be catching up on some reading, drawing pictures, and thinking about stories to write.

                            D&G 123      D&G Feeling

Duck and Goose have had some interesting adventures, explored their emotions and made new friends along the way, what’s next for them? 

Well, my next book is about  a trip Duck and Goose took to the beach recently. They’d never been before. It was quite a day.  I will say that one of them enjoys the beach more than the other…

                            D&G Pumpkin      D&G Easter Bunny

Will Duck and Goose ever meet Rocket? 

They have never been in a book together but, yes,  they have met.  It was  very nice.  Rocket told them that since he’s read so many books about them, he felt as if they were old friends. Duck and Goose said  “and we feel like we’ve known you for years, too!”

Rocket Writes a Story

 For more fun, and ideas about how YOU can unplug check out this video from our authors:

19 Days - Duck and Goose_19

Many Thanks to Tad Hills and Duck & Goose for joining us today.

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.



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