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Indie Ingenuity: Spring Fling

March 18, 2013

We would probably all agree that one of the most fun parts of our jobs as book reps is when we get to talk directly to consumers about the books we love so much.  We do this all the time here, on Random Acts of Reading, and also in person when our bookstore’s invite us to be part of an event.  Many of us speak regularly at rep nights or educator events and while each bookstore puts a different spin on them, the goal is always the same: to connect with the community, to find new readers, and to help them discover new books.

Recently I was invited by my local independent bookstore, Lorelei Books, to help host a “Spring Fling” Ladies Night Out event.  I worked with the owner, Laura, to come up with a list of spring and Easter themed books and then I spent the evening talking to customers – mostly mothers and grandmothers (many of them my friends and family!) – about them.  We had wine and appetizers and customers received a discount on their purchases that night.  It was great fun and quite successful for the bookstore too!   Often, there is a charitable component to these events and in this case we collected donations for the local Junior Auxiliary chapter’s literacy project.

This was the second time Laura tried this kind of event at her bookstore, we did something similar over Christmas, and I think it’s a great example of indie ingenuity.  We plan to do it again next Christmas and are also talking about a teacher night in the fall.  I look forward to it!  Here’s a picture of the table of Random House Children’s books that I helped sell to Laura’s customers that evening:


Before the event, I polled my co-workers for their favorite spring or Easter themed book, and here is what we all came up with (some of these books are new this month and were featured recently in our post “The View from Monday” New Titles Available in March):

Dandy – something old: I am a Bunny.  Something new: Pirates vs. Cowboys:

Pirates vs Cowboys

Deanna – Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bike because it’s such a universal theme:

Nic – Snow Rabbit Spring Rabbit.  Or Chicken Chicken Duck or Our Farm:

Bobbie – Any of the Duck & Goose books:

Me (Sarah) – For Easter, God Gave Us Easter.  For Spring, an old favorite, Inch by Inch and a new favorite, Ribbit!:



We’d love to know if you have any favorite events throughout the year at your local bookstore!  Enjoy your week!



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