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A Peek Inside the Random House Sales Conference

March 6, 2013

We spent last week hard at work (and play) outside of Ft. Myers, Florida at our annual sales conference. Since little is known of what really goes on inside the top secret Random House conferences, we thought it would be fun to give you a little peek here today on the blog. Apologies for the bad quality of the phone photos; we were almost too busy to stop and pose!

sales conf 14

sales conf 8

The beautiful resort we’ve stayed at for many, many years. This is the most we typically see of the beach, though.

sales conf 2

Hard at work in our breakout sessions, brainstorming how to market and promote new books. We all work on iPads these days. One fun highlight is always the session we have with our editors on upcoming books- they told us about amazing projects they’re working on for 2014 and even 2015!

sales conf 1

It was so cold in our meeting room, our boss Alan wrapped himself in the curtain for warmth.

sales conf 12

The man in this dark shot is acclaimed adult novelist Brandon Sanderson who we will be publishing this fall! He came to conference to tell us more about the inspiration for his upcoming young adult novel Steelheart. He was charming and funny and we can’t wait to get him on the road to meet kids everywhere. More to come on this exciting book!

sales conf 11

Here’s our entire group, minus Kate who was unable to attend. From left to right: (back row) Brenda, Sarah W., Brandon Sanderson, Nic, Sarah N., and our lone man, Tim; (front row) Deanna, Dandy, Erin and Bobbie. Now you can put faces to our blog posts!

sales conf 13

We attend two big dinners at conference: one honoring Random House anniversaries (our own Brenda celebrated 25 years this year, while Nic and Sarah celebrated 5!) and one for performance awards. Both are a highlight. We love seeing co-workers honored for their service and their achievements.

sales conf 9

We are joined here by our friend Whitney who works with Ingram and our Chairman and CEO, Markus.

sales conf 10

Close-up on the shirt Markus’s wife had made for him with the Random House logo!

sales conf 7

Our friends Cindy and Becky join Brenda, Erin and Whitney in celebrating the last night of conference. We escaped the hotel to journey by bus to a “must-see” tourist attraction on Captiva Island, The Bubble Room.

sales conf 6

We locked Sarah N. and Dandy away for not reading enough manuscripts before they arrived in Florida.

sales conf 5

sales conf 4

You really have to see this place to appreciate its kitschy decor.

sales conference 16

The last sunrise before heading home, iPads full of new manuscripts to read, heads full of terrific ideas to help sell our big fall list, which includes exciting books by well-known authors like James Dashner, Brandon Sanderson, Lauren Kate, and Cynthia Voigt, new books by indie favorites like Anna Jarzab, Adele Griffin, Lee Bacon, Suzanne LaFleur and Matthew Cody and amazing picture books, including new books by Chris Rashka, Louise Yates and Emily Martin. It’s going to be an exciting fall for Random House books!

Do you have anything you’d like to know about what goes on at conference? We promise to answer (most) questions here!

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  1. March 6, 2013 8:36 am

    It looks like fun – I hope you got to spend sometime outside!

  2. March 6, 2013 11:10 am

    Thanks for the behind the scenes look. How do you promote books for new authors?

    • March 6, 2013 10:30 pm

      It really depends on the book. We work with our marketing dept and our publicists to come up with plans for each book and author, and then we work with our indie bookstore accounts to see how they can use this information to reach the right readers for the book. It’s definitely a team effort.

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