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What My Kid is Reading: The Never Girls

February 20, 2013

norah at the library

My daughter Norah is six years old, and she has just begun to read independently. At bedtime, though, she still wants us to read to her, and what she has wanted for almost a year now are books from the Rainbow Fairies series. No matter the quality of a book, no parent wants to read dozens of books featuring the same characters, so we are always desperate to find new early chapter books that will engage her.

Since she is a Southern California resident and has already been to Disneyland a few times, Norah loves all things Disney. At her school library she frequently checks out Disney books, most based on movie properties. I used to fight this, thinking that movie-based books were not “real” books. But I’ve softened over time. Now I want her to read what interests her, whatever that is. I think it’s most important that she is excited to read and if that means choosing her own books, so be it.

Each season, I unpack my sample galleys onto my garage bookshelves and Norah likes to look through them to see what appeals to her. Recently, she found an early copy of the first book in the new Never Girls series, In a Blink, a chapter book series based on characters from the Tinker Bell movies. We read the book aloud at night and we all agreed that it was sweet and charming, full of smart young girls and best of all, fairies! There are two books that just came out with another out this summer. These books are perfect for kids ages six to nine. They have many characters from the Disney Fairies movies but the stories are all new. I asked Norah what she enjoyed about the first book and this is what she replied (short and sweet and straight from her six-year-old mouth)!

There’s a lot of information in it and you learn a lot about what happened in Never Land in the past. I liked it a lot. I want the next book! It’s on my list of fairy things that I want.

There is a trailer for the book series that was just filmed at The Disney Stores that is running on the Disney Channel all month long. I showed it to Norah and she loved it. We’ll definitely be reading book two soon!

What other chapter books for early elementary aged kids would you recommend? I’d love your suggestions!

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  1. February 20, 2013 10:41 am

    This is something to put on my list because my almost four year old granddaughter is in love with Tinker Bell! I wouldn’t ordinarily go for these books either, so glad to hear you like them! Thank you!

  2. June 22, 2013 10:48 am

    This weblog is the bomb. You have a new fan! I can’t wait for the next update, saved!

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