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Books in the Wild: Dog Edition

January 25, 2013

Books and Dogs, they definitely go together. At Random House we have our share of dog-themed books—fiction and non-fiction, picture books and novels. Today our latest edition of Books in the Wild is an assortment of pictures featuring dogs and books, and this post wouldn’t be complete without a sneak peek at a new book featuring dogs and poetry DOG-GONE SCHOOL, from the talented team of Amy Schmidt and Ron Schmidt.  

Dog-Gone School

DOG-GONE SCHOOL will be in bookstores and libraries in July 2013.While you’re waiting for it you can check out Amy and Ron’s earlier picture book LOOSE LEASHES, and here for your viewing pleasure, are some irresistible dogs and books sure to make you smile.

BITW Bulldog with Glasses Reading Reading or napping? You decide.

BITW Puppy Mallory Reading at Streling Heights Pub Library

Even dogs love to be read to.

BITW Dog Reading Raised by Wolves 

A relaxing read on the sofa.

BITW Doggie Reading The Call of the Wild

Some books keep even the dogs up reading late into the night.

BITW Doggie sleeping under paperback

Just resting my eyes.

BITW Dog Sleeping Among Books But I feel so comfortable here.

BITW Trixie with DOG LOVES BOOKS courtesy of Odyssey BookshopTrixie loves books too!

Thanks for joining us today at RAoR, we hope you enjoyed our look at dogs and books!

Please share your thoughts in our comments section, and share pictures of your dogs with us too. Email them to us at they just might appear in a future Books in the Wild post.


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