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The Wait is Over – New Titles Available in Paperback in November

November 19, 2012

It’s that time of year when we’re all making lists. Hint, hint. Whatever list you might be making we hope there’s room on it to add a trip to the bookstore for some of these new paperback releases!

Middle Grade

Mason Dixon: Fourth-Grade Disasters by Claudia Mills, illustrated by Guy Francis

Mason Dixon Fourth Grade

In our second adventure with Mason Dixon he’s starting Fourth Grade, it’s a brand new year and he’s hoping for no disasters—he’s kind of a disaster magnet, but hope spring eternal. So when he finds out that everyone in the fourth grade has to join the choir he’s just got to find a way to NOT have to sing, in front of other people. He hatches a foolproof plan, ok, in his desperation he thinks it’s foolproof…..Join Mason for another funny episode in this book, perfect for shy, but clever fourth graders. –Kate

The Lily Pond by Annika Thor

The Lily Pond

The Lily Pond continues the story that began in A Faraway Island,  two Jewish sisters who left Austria during WWII/Holocaust and found refuge in Sweden. A year after they arrived in Sweden, they have adjusted to their new life with their foster family, and older sister Stephie is going to be able to go to school on the mainland. With school comes many new experiences, friends, a charming young man with some strong opinions about the war, and all the while she is missing her parents and worried about them back in Vienna. Fascinating historical fiction for readers 10 and up.

Young Adult

Don’t Expect Magic by Kathy McCullough

Don't Expect Magic

This is definitely not the life she expected. Delaney Collins’ mom has died, and she’s had to leave New Jersey for California to live with her dad “Dr. Hank”, a “life coach”. Pretty dismal, no? But it gets worse—Dr. Hank/Dad tells her that he’s really a Fairy Godmother AND it’s hereditary, so she could very likely be one too! Delaney isn’t a girly-girl, but she is definitely a Fairy Godmother and soon finds a client of her own. Don’t Expect Magic is a delightful romantic comedy for readers 12 and up.

A Plague Year by Edward Bloor

Plague Year

I know what you’re thinking  – “Another zombie book, great.” – but this books doesn’t have brain eating zombies, it has methamphetamine zombies.  The small town of Blackwater, Pennsylvania has a drug plague spreading quickly; thefts of Sudafed are on the rise and someone even tried to steal the ATM from the grocery store, things are not looking good.  But amazing things can happen when people come together to solve a problem!  Edward Bloor understands everyday people and can take a depressing topic and turn it into an uplifting occasion to celebrate.  Ages 14 and up. –Nic

Unleashed by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie

Unleashed Katelyn McBride’s mother had died and she has to move from LA to the tiny village of Wolf Springs, in the Ozark Mountains, with her grandfather who fetches her up at the airport in a pickup truck and thinks she needs to know how to use a gun. The horror….on so many levels. Culture shock is the least of Katelyn’s worries. It seems there’s been a murder, and though details of that are sketchy at best, Katelyn hears bits and pieces about other murders in the town years before and whispered fears that “it’s happening again”. This is clearly a small town with big secrets that go back for centuries, and our protagonist is ever so curious. Unleashed is the first book in the Wolf Springs Chronicles, and it’s sure to leave you wanting to know what’s next? I can hardly wait for the next book!

The File on Angelyn Stark by Catherine Atkins

Angelyn Stark Secrets are never good, and Angelyn Stark has far too many secrets. There’s an incident in her past that left her vulnerable on the inside but tough as nails on the outside, and now things are happening to crack her hard outer shell. She isn’t supported at home, old friends aren’t there for her and she’s making some bad choices, then along comes Mr. Rossi, a teacher who “sees her potential” and wants to help her. Or does he? Hard to put down and unpredictable just like Angelyn herself this book will keep you hooked.

Thanks for joining us today at RAoReading, we hope we’ve given you a few books to add to your to be read list, and remember it’s never too early to shop for the holidays—paperback books make excellent stocking stuffers!

Please share your thoughts in our comments section.

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  1. November 19, 2012 11:57 am

    Mason Dixon: Fourth-Grade Disaster sounds like it might be a good fit for my own fourth grader. Thanks!

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