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What’s On My Bookshelf with Sacred Author Elana K. Arnold

November 9, 2012

Today, we’re happy to welcome young adult author Elana K. Arnold to the blog. Elana’s debut novel, Sacred, is on-sale November 13. Sacred is a romantic, mysterious book with an intelligent, troubled heroine teens will be drawn to. If you enjoy Sacred, you’ll be happy to hear that Elana has more terrific books coming soon. She is working on a sequel to Sacred, and she has a stand-alone novel coming in 2013 called Burning that is already receiving tons of in-house buzz. We hope you enjoy this peek at Elana’s bookshelves!

People say that writers don’t get a lot of exercise. If you’re a writer with this problem, I have the answer. Get a bird. A little parrot works best. Then allow the bird to fly freely around your home. Eventually the bird will discover your beautiful books. Then you will have all the exercise you could need… walking back and forth from your workspace to the bookshelf, raising your arms to shoo the bird away from said books, returning to workspace.

Repeat several hundred times per day.

Bookshelf Bird Dictionary

What’s that you say? I should cage the bird? He has a cage. He sleeps in it. He bathes in it. But I can’t leave him in there all day! He would be sad.

So clip his wings, you suggest? I could, but then this guy might have a tasty snack.

Bookshelf cat

One good thing about having an avian bookshelf monitor is that my books get straightened at least once or twice a day, after I shoo him away. So the bookshelf, though overcrowded, is pretty orderly.

Bookshelf wide

Let me draw your attention to a couple of interest points. Several sections of the bookshelf house collections of books I use to research my own novels. Here is one such section:

Bookshelf Research

Sacred delves into mystic Judaism, as does its sequel Splendor, so I have lots of books about Kabbalah and magic. Grimm’s Fairy Tales is for a current work in progress—almost finished!—and Agatha Christie is there for Splendor, too. Will Grayson, Will Grayson isn’t research. It’s just rad.

I’m not proud to share this next picture, but in the spirit of honesty and fair play, here it is.

Bookshelf Fifty

Yeah. I’ve read them all. I own them. They live behind my other books. Let’s move along.

As a writer of YA books, I have quite an affinity for other Young Adult novels. Here’s a sampling of some of my current reads:

Bookshelf YA

A few of the books are more Young than Adult (Curious George, Miffy, The Foot Book), but that’s because I share the bookshelf with my two kids. And none of us is a good organizer, so stuff tends to get mashed together.

Of course, all my books don’t live on these shelves. I’ve got two more bookshelves in the next room. A point of interest from these shelves is…

Bookshelf Cupcake Ashes

…this little wooden box. Inside are the remains of Cupcake, our cat. RIP, Cuppie.

And, I’m currently preparing to teach a class on Young Adult Literature for UC Davis. This tote holds many of the books we’ll be reading, along with Sacred and an ARC of Burning (my books!!) just because I like the way they look there.

Bookshelf class books

Also on my bookshelf is this picture of my grandfather Papa holding my daughter Davis.

Bookshelf Bird with Papa

Bird likes this spot a lot, too. He’s a smart bird.

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