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Books in the Wild

October 26, 2012

“I cannot live without books”.

-Thomas Jefferson

If you’re reading this blog you are probably an incurable book lover.  You can’t walk by a bookstore without going in, you’ll never have enough bookcases and you never leave home without a book. It’s ok, you’re among like-minded friends here and in spite of our collective fear of finishing a book and not having that next one in hand, we hang onto the  faith that we’re never really far away from that next book. Here are just a few of the interesting places we found books.

It makes perfect sense to add some bookshelves to this fireplace:

BITW Books in Fireplace

While unconventional, a very smart use for your old mini fridge:

BITW Books in a Fridge 

What to do with that old TV with no cable hook up? Fill it with books of course:

BITW Books in TV 

For the book lover on the go, here’s a convenient little library:

BITW Tiny Library in Phone Box

Not all of the books need to be on a shelf, these two clever kittens found a stack of books very helpful:

BITW Cats use books to climb 

Of course, true book lovers don’t just read and collect books, they also enjoy the portrayal of books in other forms of art as well.

Here’s a quilt from the ALA 2012 Silent Auction:

BITW Book Quilt ALA 2012 Silent Auction

How lovely to have a stack of your favorite titles greet you every time you walk up the stairs:

BITW Another Book Staircase

For your reading and eating pleasure,  a selection of delightfully delicious bookish cupcakes:

BITW Book Cupcakes

As always, thanks for joining us at RAoReading today. If you missed our last Books in the Wild post you can find it here.

Please share your thoughts in our comments section.

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  1. October 28, 2012 12:13 pm

    These are so creative and cute! And that quilt… WANT.

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