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Guilty Pleasures

September 5, 2012

Guilty pleasure reading, also known as beach reading, pleasure reading or just plain reading is something that we all indulge in from time to time.  Today we share some of our favorite guilty pleasure reading with you and hope you will share some of your favorites with us in the comment section below.


I never feel guilty about time spent with a book, but there are a few authors I like to think of as “comfort reads.” Much like donuts or mashed potatoes, these are authors or books I turn to when I need something easy and pleasurable, often just after I’ve read a few more challenging reads back to back. One of my favorite series are Jonathan Kellerman’s mysteries starring psychologist Alex Delaware. Set in Los Angeles, these are well-written, fast-paced thrillers. I’ve read so many that I feel like I know Delaware and his best friend, Milo. Plus, it’s fun reading about little corners of LA that I’ve never seen in all the years I lived there. I can whip through one of his books in an hour and I rarely guess the killer until the end.

Another wildly popular author I like is Jodi Picoult. I have to admit, I stopped reading her a few books back due to courtroom drama overload, but I loved her first few books and re-read them from time to time. The Pact and Harvesting the Heart are my two favorites. She has a gift for writing about women and children in a sensitive, thoughtful way, and sometimes there’s nothing I want more from a book than a good cry! -Erin


I’m a huge John Irving fan so when I saw he had a new book out I ignored my stack of galleys & very full eReader to read it. In One Person wasn’t my favorite of his books, but I gobbled it up just the same. It has all the trappings of a John Irving novel: New England prep school, eccentric characters, Vienna and of course wrestling!  -Dandy


My biggest guilty pleasure when I’m not reading children’s books is detective fiction. Robert B. Parker, William Tapply, and Dennis Lehane, who all write crime fiction with great, interesting recurring main characters based in and around my home town of Boston, are some of my favorites. There’s nothing like a well-told story to help a long drive pass quickly.

True confession, I am not a terrific cook, but I am passionate about cookbooks. They provide a lovely escape to other cultures and I really enjoy learning about the history of food.

Last one: my current book-related TV addiction is “Pretty Little Liars”. It all started with a book and I plan to read the entire series…or maybe I’ll get the audio books so I can listen on one of those long drives.  -Kate


When I am on a plane, I cannot read a book. I don’t know why! I can watch a movie, play a game, do a crossword puzzle and sometimes (very rarely) sleep. But reading a book is near impossible. So what do I read instead? People. Entertainment Weekly (I have a subscription!). Us Magazine. Forget about the New Yorker – too literary. Too many words! People is perfect. The letters to the editor are invariably hilarious (really, you care enough about so-and-so to write a letter?) and I can (almost) always finish the crossword.   – Deanna


For a quick escape I tend to read crime novels – the grittier the better!  I’ve been reading the Dexter series after quickly watching all available Netflix episodes, and I can’t wait until the more recent seasons become available.  But I also look to memoirs and food writing when I am looking for something non-work related to pass the time.  I just finished Culinary Intelligence by Peter Kaminsky and have Beaten, Seared and Sauced waiting in the wings.  -Nic

Our secrets are out!  Now we want to hear from you!  What do you like to read when you need an escape?  Confess your guilty pleasure reading in the comments section below.

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  1. September 6, 2012 12:20 pm

    lately i have been in a “beach reading” mode, so i have been reading lots of vampire thrillers. i just finished kim harrison’s rachel morgan series and now i’m on to laurell k. hamilton. i love jodi picoult’s plain truth. good story and i find the amish interesting 🙂

    please check out my blog and follow, i’m new! 🙂

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