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The View from Monday: New Titles Available in July

July 9, 2012

Its July and there are lots of new books available for your summer reading! Add these to your list and plan a trip to your favorite bookstore or library.

Picture Books:

Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hills

Our favorite irresistable dog Rocket is back in a story to inspire writers young and old. In this simple and touching new story Rocket’s friend helps him find the inspiration to write his own book, and along the way makes a new friend, a timid baby owl. A great companion for Rocket Learns to Read, and a perfect introduction to the creative process for budding writers.

Day by Day by Susan Gal

A good old fashioned community themed story with a delightful extended family of piggies is a fun family read-aloud. Follow our little piggie friends as they work and play and picnic until they are exhausted, and ready to sleep, which makes this adorable book perfect for bedtime reading too!

Middle Grade & Young Adult

On the Day I Died: Stories from the Grave by Candace Fleming

Award winning author Candace Fleming has written a fascinating book of ghost stories, out just in time for spooky campfire reads this summer. Set in White Cemetery, a real graveyard outside Chicago, each story takes place during a different time period from the 1860s to the present, ending with the narrator’s death. Some die heroically, others ironically, but all due to supernatural causes.

Secrets from the Sleeping Bag by Rose Cooper

This third volume in Rose Cooper’s “Blogtastic” series is the perfect book to send or take along to summer camp! The series started with Gossip from the Girl’s Room, in which our middle school heroine Sofia is a bit of a Harriet the Spy for the modern age who writes an anonymous blog, nothing can go wrong with that, right? In the companion volume Rumors from the Boys Room there’s more material for the blog, and lots of fun too. Here in Secrets from the Sleeping Bag readers see that gossip and fun can go to camp too.

Guitar Notes by Mary Amato

Guitar Notes is an utterly charming story of friendship and love between two unlikely teens who find eachother through music. She’s a straight A, classical musician and he’s the bad-boy guitar player whose mom had confiscated his guitar. He borrows a guitar and can use a practice room at school, but he has to share it with her on alternate days. Nothing will go awry, right? Au contraire, our hero and heroine immediately butt heads and communicate initially through snarky notes and eventually in person. I won’t give away the story, suffice to say it left me smiling. Perfect for younger and older teens, and grownup readers too.

Quarantine by Lex Thomas

The school day starts like any other, until the explosion happens and people started dying. Fast forward one year and the school is still in lockdown, chaos is the order of the day and high school cliques have devolved into gangs. There’s a game of survival going on that no one wants to fight but it may be the only way out, if ever a day comes when they can get out, because the students are infected with a virus that makes them deadly to adults. High school has become a prison and what happens in Quarantine is only the beginning.  

The Little Woods by McCormick Templeman

Calista Wood is the new girl at St. Bede’s Academy, and she’s got some secrets. Cally really wanted to attend St. Bede’s, not just for the better odds of getting into a good college but mostly because she really needed to know what happened when her sister and another young girl went missing from St. Bede’s 10 years earlier. Shortly after her arrival she learns that another girl has recently gone missing, are these disappearances related? Is there a kidnapper at large, or perhaps something even more sinister and frightening going on? Plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat, this mystery doesn’t disappoint.

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Deanna said it best in her review on our Summer Sneaks Peeks post:  In the Kingdom of Goredd, humans and dragons have been at peace for 40 years, though it is an uneasy alliance. Dragons live in human cities in a human form, though they must wear bells to identify themselves. They  are treated as second class citizens and considered by many humans to be untouchable. There are forces at work on both sides to tip the balance, banish dragons from the realm and start another war. Into this world is born Seraphina, an unlikely half-human half-dragon girl who straddles both worlds once her origins are made clear. Rich, imaginative and literary, Rachel Hartman has created a new dragon mythology that teens and adults will want to delve into.

So we’ve gone and done it again, given you an excuse to go to your favorite bookstore or library. If you were already on the way, well, now you’ve got a few more books to pick up. Happy reading!

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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