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What Our Kids Are Reading

May 18, 2012

We’re back with another look at “What Our Kids Are Reading”. You can check out our previous posts on this topic here and here. Read on for this month’s family favorites from members of our Random House family.

From Ranse:

My good friends’ twins, Milo and Kaylee (age 5), are growing into quite the voracious fledgling readers. It probably helps that their dads read to them every night before bed and that I’ve been stockpiling them with books for every holiday/event since before they were born. 

They’re especially fond of Dr. Seuss, Little Golden Books, and all things Disney (one of their dads works for Disney Imagineering, so Disneyland is basically their backyard playground).

From Shana:

My 7 year old, Jack, was so excited  to share his favorite books that as soon as I mentioned it, he set up this display. He’s in 2nd grade and very into chapter books. He’s obsessed with Babymouse (he even wrote a Babymouse song) and goes through Babymouse books like candy. They were really the first longer books he could comfortably read by himself, he loves that they’re so smart and funny and just plain cool that they’re clearly not little kid books, and yet the pictures really helped him when he was making the transition from early readers to chapter books. He also loves the Squish and Junie B. Jones series. And he’s recently discovered Marvin Redpost and Calvin Coconut. Calvin’s one that we also like to read together, because it’s fun to get a peek at what it would be like to grow up in Hawaii.

My 5 year old Nate is a big Emily Jenkins fan-her books are just wonderful, wonderful read alouds because they work for all ages (Jack and I love them, too). His favorites are Sugar Wouldn’t Eat It, The Toys Go Out, and The Toy Dance Party (when we read this, my kids always end up in hysterics serenading our bathroom towels-which is a definite plus for any book I think). And we’ve just finished reading My Father’s Dragon which he loved, and are excited to start Elmer and the Dragon. He’s also a fan of Step into Readings about vehicles (especially Motorcyles, Monster Trucks, and Henry Ford’s First Race). Other recent favorites are The Subway Story, The Best Nest (actually, the Best Nest has been favorite since he was 2), and anything Berenstain.

From John:

My oldest is currently reading Hunger Games and Wonder (!) and my little one is reading Lunch Lady for the 27th time.

Many thanks to Ranse, Shana, John and all the lucky young readers in their lives for joining us at RAoR today and sharing what they’re reading at home!

Please let us know what your kids are reading in our comments section.

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