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The Wait is Over! New Titles Available in Paperback in MAY

May 14, 2012

Another month, another great selection of books “new in paperback”  in your bookstores any minute now. Just in time to add them to your Summer Reading list!

Picture Book

The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau by Dan Yaccarino

When I was a kid there weren’t a lot of  TV channels, and though we loved the ocean in my family we barely got beneath the surface compared to what  Jacques Cousteau showed us on his TV series. Dan Yaccarino introduces young readers to “the man behind the snorkel”. Through his delightful words and pictures, we get to meet the man fascinated enough and brave enough to go down into the deep and show us where whales, dophins, otters and so many more fascinating creatures make their home. The perfect book to share with the family before your summer vacation.

Middle Grade and Young Adult

The Friendship Doll by Kirby Larson

In her second novel, following the Newbery Honor book Hattie Big SkyKirby Larson tells a story of a historic gift given to US residents. In 1927 Japan sent 58 Japanese dolls as “ambassadors of friendship”. This story is told by one of the dolls, Miss Kawanaga, through whose eyes we see the various girls she encounters as she travels around the United States through their good times and hard times as well. A very unique look at an eventful period of our history.

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette by Jeanne Birdsall

Join one of contemporary literature’s favorite families on their summer vacations. Yes, vacations, the Penderwicks are not all in the same place this summer–Roslind is off to the beach and Skye, Jane, Batty and Hound are off to spend 2 weeks with Aunt Claire in Maine. You just know there will be adventures and fun and maybe a few tears along with the laughter when you open a new Penderwicks book. Perfect for your summer vacation reading!

The Red Blazer Girls: The Mistaken Masterpiece by Michael D. Beil

It’s a new mystery/adventure for our intrepid Red Blazer Girls Sophie, Margaret, Becca & Leigh Ann, heroines we know from The Ring of Rocamadour and The Vanishing Violin. Here, of course nothing will be what it initially seems to be. This time they’re helping to authenticate a painting, but the usual mayhem of their lives doesn’t slow down for that, does it? Add dog sitting, school and a (maybe) romance (or maybe not), and you’ll have a great time with these four crime solvers from beginning to end. Make sure to visit our blog on June 6th for a Q&A with the author too.

Cheesie Mack Is Not a Genius or Anything by Steve Cotler, illustrated by Adam McCauley

Ronald “Cheesie” Mack isn’t a genius, but he has a great memory and a big notebook filled with all the details of everything that happened before, during and after 5th grade graduation, and he’s funny.  The notebook includes drawings and lists as well as all the hilarious details from Cheesie’s perspective. If you’re looking for a fun and funny summer read for boys, or girls, check out Cheesie and his friends and get ready for more adventures of this likeable funny guy in his next hardcover book due out in June Cheesie Mack is Cool in a Duel.

Kiss of Death by Lauren Henderson

The fourth volume in Lauren Henderson’s quartet of mysteries that began with Kiss Me, Kill Me is another heart-stopping thriller. We like to call our student/crime solver a “British Isles Veronica Mars”, yes, crime and intrigue seem to follow her, but Scarlett is always up for the task. This time, she’s in Edinburg and just when she thinks the past might be behind her, it seems the past has followed her. With this fourth book featuring Scarlett you have the rare treat of being able to read all of these mysteries back to back, with no waiting! How much fun is that?

The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline Cooney

Janie is back! For those of us who love the “Janie” books about a girl who discovers that SHE is “the face on the milk carton” one day in the school cafeteria, and can’t get enough of Janie’s story, there’s some exciting news. There will be a new Janie book in 2013! To celebrate this, the first 4 Janie titles are being reissued with a terrific new thriller-ish look. If you’ve never read these books, this is a great opportunity to get caught up on Janie’s story, still so relevant today. Look for a special guest post from author Caroline Cooney on May 21st here on RAoReading too.

Thanks for joining us here today, we hope you’ve got a nice list ready for your next visit to your favorite bookstore. Happy reading!

Please share your thoughts with us in our comments section.

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  1. May 14, 2012 8:27 am

    Oh my gosh, there’s a book about Jacques Cousteau out for kids?! I used to look forward to his specials when I was a kid!

  2. May 15, 2012 2:11 pm

    I had no idea that the Janie books were being reissued! I love those as a teen and I’m sure my girls will too.

  3. May 23, 2012 9:57 am

    How I love paperbacks!

    I’m guessing the iPad will never be in paperback.

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