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Book Reviews from Kids!

April 20, 2012

Today we are sharing reviews from kids, via some of our Indie Bookstores. Read and enjoy!

Chapter Books


Dear Kate,

Mom said I could email you to tell you how much I loved Willa Bean’s Cloud Dreams. I woke up early yesterday and read for one hour to finish it! This is the first WHOLE chapter book I read all by myself, without any help at all! My favorite things about it are Harper’s silly words (like ring-ding-do-dod!) and their treasure chest. 

I didn’t really like that there was some bad behavior, like when Will Bean’s teacher told the kids to put their quill pens away in their desks, she put hers in her hair even though she knew she wasn’t supposed to.

Thank you for sending it to me. I can’t wait to read the next one!

 Love, Ruby D. 7 years old

Middle Grade and Young Adult


Nicholas Mettleson is visiting his Great-Uncle Nick’s house in Deming, Ohio. When he finds out that his 10-year-old twin sisters are coming, the whole vacation seems spoiled. But when he is there, he meets a girl named Charlie, and he doesn’t have to hang out with the twins. Together, Nicholas and Charlie find a secret compartment, which holds parts of a movie Nicholas’s dad had made as a kid. They also find a love letter someone wrote to his dad. Then they discover a mystery and try to solve it. I loved this book. It wasn’t really scary, but it was very exciting. I liked the part when Charlie and Nicholas go on a 5-day sailing trip to uncover clues. On a rating scale from 1-10, I would rate this book a 10. Review by Kalinda R., age 10

CHOMP by Carl Hiaasen

Chomp by Carl Hiaasen is full of adventure, laughter, and chomping. Wahoo is the son of Mickey Cray, an animal wrangler that uses his pets in TV shows. But when they take a job for a reality TV show everything gets wild. After the star of the show, Derk Badger, wrestles with their tame pet crocodile he thinks he needs to go pure wild. His wishes are granted all too well. While on location, Wahoo hooks up with a girl named Tuna who wants to spend the summer with them instead of her abusive and drunk father. But after a wild bat chomps Derk he suddenly disappears without a trace into the vast everglades. Everyone is scrambling to find him. Then Tuna’s dad shows up to retrieve his daughter. This is an amazing book that will have you hooked by the first chapter. The story is well paced and it does not slow down like it does in some books. I highly suggest you read it. Five out of five stars. Review by Melinda H., age 14


A boy, the only survivor from an airplane crash, finds two animal companions – a rat and a bear named Casseomae. The forest he winds up in is ruled by wolves, who seek to kill him because of an ancient war between humans and wolves. Casseomae realizes this danger and the threesome journey to a place that, although safe, is a very long way away…and the wolves are following closely. This book is an awesome animal/adventure/action story. I would recommend it for anyone who is in need of a gripping tale of a journey and animals.


BZRK by Michael Grant 

This book is a thrilling sci-fi exploration of the implications of nanotechnology. BZRK describes a fictional war between two factions: AFGC (Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation, Nexus Humanus), working to cause mind control and happiness, and BZRK, fighting for freedom at any price. Filled with both action and tech, I recommend this book to ages 13+! Reviewed by Robin T., age 14

Thanks for joining us today at RAoR, and special thanks to our young reviewers from R.J.Julia Booksellers and Mrs. Nelson’s Toy and Book Shop.

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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  1. April 20, 2012 11:13 am

    It’s always fun to see the thoughts of kids on kid’s books.

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