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What Our Kids Are Reading

April 11, 2012

Last month we introduced our “What Our Kids Are Reading” feature in which members of the Random House Children’s Books family share what their families are reading–this month we asked members of our marketing and publicity dept to give us the inside scoop. If you missed last month’s post you can find it here.

From Kathy:

So, I have three children, and believe it or not (yes, a shocker!) all have been into Random House titles as of late. 

Ryan, my 8 ½ year old has been devouring Mary Pope Osborne’s MAGIC TREE HOUSE series, and I have enjoyed reading them along with him. (We read the book as if it is a play with him as Jack and me as Annie!) He also loves the LUNCH LADY books by Jarrett J. Krosoczka and is looking forward to reading the latest title.


Dylan (6) is on a Dr. Seuss kick, with THE LORAX as his current favorite (he absolutely loves David Carter’s pop-up version). We read this on a nightly basis, and he recently had a LORAX themed birthday party as well.


And, Kaylee, my 2 ½ year old, well she likes basically whatever I read to her, but lately has been requesting Karen Katz’s PRINCESS BABY. She also loves Sandra Boynton’s books as well.

From Rachel:

This is my niece Dylan. She is 5 years old going on 25. She loves books – always has. And usually it’s a story before bed. However, one of her favorite playtime activities is imitating her teachers during storyhour. This is a picture of her reading Dr. Seuss’s IF I RAN THE CIRCUS to her class.

From Tracy:

At 10 months old, Gabby pretty much reads whatever mom and dad think she won’t destroy. As she’s become more aware of the world, she loves to grab and bite and chew and tear whatever is in her reach. Anything with pop-ups or flaps is definitely out. And she shows her love of things by eating them. Happily, we’ve got plenty of board books that mom and dad just love to read aloud that can really stand up to the abuse. Gabs loves LITTLE POOKIE (and mom and dad love the humor) and they’re just the perfect size for her little hands and little teeth. The corners of ours are pretty worn.

We also adore THE NOISY COUNTING BOOK, dad especially. There’s just something very satisfying about saying “Ga-Dunk.” Gabby looks around at mom and dad ga-dunking, wacking, tweeting, blubbing, chirping, and buzzing, and thinks we’re hilarious. We can’t wait to hear her join in with us soon!

From Lisa:

I have so much fun when my two-year-old daughter, Robin, responds to those just right read-aloud books that we all fall in love with here in the Random House office.  After reading DANCING FEET! over and over and over again, I got a copy of the same author/illustrator team’s FARMYARD BEAT from the editor and it has been Robin’s go-to book ever since.

She loves clapping and chanting along to the catchy beats of the wide-awake animals and pointing out the details in Marc Brown’s amazing art.  What’s also nice is that the book gets really loud, and then it gets really soft and quiet when the animals “fall in a heap! asleep!” making it perfect for bedtime or anytime.

From Maureen:

The super readers Richard and Maura

Twins loved books. They loved books so much that they fetched all kinds of books from the shelf and began to read – all on their own. A typical day in the lives of the super readers! 

 Many thanks to our RH marketing and publicity colleagues Kathy, Rachel, Tracy, Lisa and Maureen for taking the time to share what they’re reading with their kids with us today–What are YOU reading with your kids? Please let us know in the comments section.

 Happy Reading!

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  1. April 11, 2012 12:10 pm

    ADORABLENESS! What great photos! (Great books, too!) I love how Elmo is such an attentive listener–who knew? 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  2. April 11, 2012 10:13 pm

    Awww that’s so cute! And fantastic.


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