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What I’m Loving: Workbooks for the Preschool Set

February 22, 2012

        9780307479525      9780307479532  

I’m not the kind of mom who is overly concerned with “drilling” my child with flashcards and workbooks. My daughter just turned five, and is currently enrolled in a fantastic, creative preschool where she spends much of her time drawing and playing pretend. Despite the lack of focused learning, however, she has begun to read and can write her letters and even do rudimentary math. While I definitely do not want to pressure her into learning, I would like to encourage her interest in reading, writing and math, so I ordered a few of Sylvan’s new Pre K workbooks to try out at home.

So far, we’ve tried BEGINNING NUMBERS and BEGINNING LETTERS. I ordered SHAPES & MEASUREMENT SUCCESS as well, but it seemed a little bit beyond my daughter’s skill level at this point. What I like is how simple the activities are. In the numbers workbook, each number is first introduced, then the child is asked to “See the number. Say the number. Show the number using your fingers. Trace the number with your finger.” After they have done those steps, they work on basic games and activities designed to build on that knowledge of the number. It’s fun and easy, and if my daughter only wants to do this for a few minutes, she can try just one or two activities and still feel like she accomplished something.

Since we still have many months until kindergarten, I plan to continue to work with her using the Sylvan books according to her interest level. But it’s nice for this working mom to feel like I can help contribute to her development with just a few minutes a day. That leaves even more time in our evening for us to eat dinner as a family and do what we all love the best: read bedtime stories together! (And if you are looking for a fun picture book that ties into a similar learning stage, my daughter loves HOW ROCKET LEARNED TO READ. It’s bright and charming and truly does walk through the steps children take as they learn to read, starting with learning letters and moving through sounding things out and sight words.)

Have you tried workbooks with your children or students? We’d love to hear your experiences!

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  1. February 22, 2012 11:10 pm

    I am a HUGE fan of play based activities for preschoolers. I think there is not enough of it. However, I totally understand the wanting to teach your preschoolers something 🙂 I bought a workbook for my daughters. We don’t use it often, but they will do a page every once in awhile. They love the “maze” puzzle things to build fine motor skills. I don’t emphasize the books at all, but if they want to do them, they can. I believe the book we have is The Big Preschool Workbook. I personally do not like Sylvan, so won’t buy anything from them.

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