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The View From Monday – New Titles Available February 14th

February 13, 2012

What better gift for your Valentine, or yourself, than a book? It’s Monday and here are a few of the new books that will be available in your bookstore or library tomorrow!


Caldecott Honor artist Anita Lobel gives us a lovely picture book with enough special elements that it will be read over and over again! Counting, colors (such a vibrant palette!), a happy bunny family, and vegetables that will pique the interest of the most reluctant child, not to mention perhaps foster an interest in gardening—these bunnies make it look easy and fun! Ten Hungry Rabbits, with its “Stone Soup” approach to dinner is the perfect book for families, and for gift giving for Easter or any Spring occasion. –Kate

WONDER by R. J. Palacio

There’s so much buzz about this title I’m almost afraid to say any more. Ever open a book (or see a movie) that everyone told you you had to read/see and it ended up being a disappointment – possibly because expectations are too high? So I will just say this: I loved it, my colleagues from all parts of the company loved it, my accounts all liked and or loved it and even my 10 year old has gotten to the middle of it. Pretty amazing for a non-Star Wars-related book these days! Then again, the main character in Wonder is obsessed with Star Wars so that’s a good hook for him.  So read it already! And definitely let us know what you think. –Deanna


Kate Ellison’s debut novel is a heart-pumping thrill ride that will have you rooting for the heroine, Penelope “Lo” Marin, every step of the way as she finds herself rapidly uncovering clues to a recent murder. However, Lo isn’t your average teenager who simply stumbled into dangerous territory, instead she’s a girl who has dealt with tragic, life-altering circumstances and suffers from extreme Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a condition which only propels her need to discover the truth behind this crime. If you’re looking for a book that will pull you in and leave you on the edge of your seat, breathless, then look no further – The Butterfly Clues is just what you’ve been searching for! –Teresa

GRAFFITI MOON  by Cath Crowley

This is one of those books that devours the reader almost immediately! A quest to find the identity of an anonymous graffiti artist becomes so much more!  Love, mystery, police, break-ups and glass blowing all rolled in to one!  Perfect for fans of Nick and Norah that are ready for something with a little more urban grit.- Nic

Please let us know what books you’re looking forward to this month in our comments section.

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  1. February 13, 2012 6:10 pm

    I guess I got a bit behind in my reading – I just discovered, “Once Upon a Twice”, a picture book by Denise Doyen, Illustrated by Barry Moser. What a fun discovery! The illustrations of the moonlit mouse-world and the playful language are a perfect fit for my speech students.

  2. February 13, 2012 8:19 pm

    I just finished Wonder this morning and sobbed like a baby. What a fabulous book!

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