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The View From Monday – New Titles Available January 24th

January 23, 2012

At RAoR, Tuesdays are often our favorite day of the week, Why, you ask? Because at least twice a month, on Tuesday new books become available in your bookstores and libraries. Here are the books you can read and share starting tomorrow.


This is a wonderful debut novel.  Sweet short chapters with adorable pictures make this book perfect for reading aloud. I loved how it was quirky and classic at the same time.  One of the orphans has an onion for a head, but they do sweet regular things like catching fireflies in the summer, making gingerbread houses and drinking hot chocolate when it’s cold out.  I’m torn between ‘A very Grand Picnic’ and ‘A Knock at the Door’ for favorite chapter. –Dandy


What’s uber-smart 12-year old Fisher Bas to do when he’s continually picked on at school? Well, clone himself and send the clone to school in his place, then he can stay home, eat junk food, work on his own science projects, and play video games. His new life of leisure is in the bag, right? Not exactly. First the clone “makes friends”, then he “acts out”, and it seems he has a bit of a mind of his own. Oh, dear. THEN, the clone is kidnapped by the uber evil Dr. Xander. It’s time for Fisher to use his big brain to come to his clone’s rescue. Can he do it? Read and find out.- Kate


Our hero Justin wants just two things during his sophomore year–popularity and love, and he has a plan. What could possibly go wrong? Well, pretty much everything, as the road to popularity and love can be a rocky one. Seth Rudetsky, well known in Broadway circles steps onto the YA map with this hilarious, over-the-top story of first love where we learn that the best laid plans often take the long way round on the way to a happy ending. –Kate


 Pretty Penny is back in the second picturebook to feature this young, stylish money-wise character. In this installment, Penny’s friend wants to go to a concert but she’s already spent her allowance. Pretty Penny to the rescue! She comes up with a great idea- starting a beauty salon for dogs! That way, Penny and her friend can go to the concert, save money and set aside some for charity. Kinch has come up with  fun mix of humor, graphic art and smart money tips that will appeal to kids age 4-8 and teach them financial lessons they can use as they grow up. –Erin

Have you read any of these books? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. January 23, 2012 2:30 pm

    They all look great! I love that a couple of them look like they’re geared toward boys.

  2. January 23, 2012 9:50 pm

    Aw I use to love those types of books for kids (and still do). 😛

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