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2011: A Blogging Year in Review

December 29, 2011

Thank you so much to every book lover who has read our blog this year, commented, checked out a book we’ve recommended or become inspired to try a new author. We now have a year and a half of blogging under our belts and we’ve all really enjoyed this space where we can discuss books and authors with readers like you!

Since the year is about to end, we thought it would be fun to do a “year in review,” featuring our top-read posts, fun comments, a list of all of the authors we’ve interviewed and more.

Top five most-read posts:

Reading with My Kids: A Mother’s Day Tribute (special thank you to WordPress for making this post “Freshly Pressed”)

The Junie B. Jones Stupid Smelly Bus Tour Kicks Off Today!

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Book for Everyone on Your List!

A Book You Must Read: The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens

The Penderwicks are Back!

Some of our favorite comments:

12 Days of Holiday Gift Suggestions: Day 10 (The Phantom Tollbooth)

I didn’t discover this classic until I was taking a children’s literature class in college. I’ve since read The Phantom Tollbooth with countless classes of 5th graders (most recently this past October), and without fail, every kid falls in love with Milo, Tock, the Whether Man, the smallest giant, Dr. Discord, and the other hilarious and unforgettable characters. – author John Claude Bemis

Author Laurel Snyder + Skype= MAGIC!

“Penny Dreadful” and Laurel’s skype visit to my daughter’s school made her into a novel reader. My thanks, again.- Kaethe

12 Days of Holiday Gift Book Suggestions: Day 6 (The Book Thief)

I love this book. I am currently trying to collect every hardcover that features a different cover image. I have Australia’s and England’s version. I am a nerd. Also, the audiobook is AMAZING!! Buy the physical book and the audio version! You won’t regret it.- Read Schmead

I’m So Thankful for this Book

That was a really sweet and touching post! Enjoyed hearing what all of you are thankful for. I”m thankful for awesome sales reps, hard-working editors and agents, and especially for brilliant authors and illustrators who keep creating new and amazing children’s books to enrich our lives.

Oh, and for The Phantom Tollbooth, which has lasted 50 years!- Joanne Fritz

What Makes a Great Picture Book?

Two very different favourites of mine are “Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type” and “A Nation’s Hope: The Story of Boxing Legend Joe Louis.” In both books, I can read them aloud over and over and still laugh, or still get shivers from the beauty of the words and pictures. So, for me, a great picture book has that emotional response that I can’t quite explain.

Also, thanks to Stephanie Anderson who said what I often think: that so many books talk down to kids, and kids are way too smart to be condescended upon.- an education in books

A Book to Inspire: The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

This book was amazing. In PE I always had a hard time keeping up with our teacher’s exercises for us. I read this book about Jessica and realized how hard her life was..and there are real people with the same situation! So whenever I hit Rigor Mortis Bend, I think of those people, and I push to the finish line. Also, the part about Rosa, and how she wishes for people to see her not her condition, well, I know a guy that has autism. But even though I know he has autism, he’s hilarious, and amazing, and I see him, not his condition. I’ve checked this book out from the library twice, I love it so much.- Kelsee

And finally, we would not have the opportunity to share so many wonderful books with all of you without the hundreds of amazing authors we read, meet and “buzz” each year. Here are just a few of the many authors we’ve loved this year, the thirty-nine authors we interviewed here at Random Acts of Reading in 2011!

Julia Alvarez, Devon Kinch, Jillian Larkin, Emily Jenkins, Tim Tharp, Kimberly Marcus, Paula Young Shelton, Wade Bradford, Maria Padian, Carrie Ryan, RA Nelson, Rose Cooper, Martyn Bedford, Caitlin Kittredge, Eric Nylund, Alyssa Sheinmel, Caissie St. Onge, Laurel Snyder, Christina Gonzalez, Cyn Balog, Jenny Dowham, Josh Berk, John Claude Bemis, Kirsten Hubbard, CK Kelly Martin, David Levithan, Jonathan Farmer, Joseph Monninger, David Almond, Sonia Gensler, Tessa Gratton, Jenny Hubbard, Mike Harmon, Jenni and Matt Holm, Christopher Paolini, Leonard Marcus

We’ll be back January 2nd with a new year full of books, authors, sharing and exciting giveaways! Please join us then, and remember, if you leave a comment on one of our 12 Days of Books posts, you have a chance at winning all 12 books we loved! (US readers only, please). You have until January 2nd to comment. Anyone who tweets or posts the giveaway on Facebook will get an additional entry. We’ll announce the winner next week.

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  1. December 29, 2011 11:08 pm

    How funny to read this post and see my own comment from your Thanksgiving post. Thanks! It’s been a great year for book bloggers. Happy New Year to you all!

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