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Travel to Seattle with Three Children’s Book Authors

November 11, 2011

Fall is always fantastically busy for stores, publishers, anyone who has anything to do with children. In keeping with that theme, I had three Random House authors visit Seattle in one week, all of whom I’ve met on previous occasions but haven’t seen in recent years. Interestingly, they are all touring for the conclusions of their series. It was a great opportunity to catch up with them.

The first was James Dashner, who was on tour for Death Cure, the last book in the Maze Runner series. The first time I met James was during what we call a “pre-pub tour”, meaning we sent him out into the world prior to the release of his first book with us in order to get the buzz started early. That must have been in early 2009. We had a great dinner here in Seattle with booksellers and librarians. I remember how gracious he was at the time and I was thrilled to find that after all his success he was still the laid back, friendly person I remembered.

James Dashner

Next was Tamora Pierce, in town to promote Mastiff, the final book in the Beka Cooper series. Tammy has been to Seattle many times over the years and has a devoted following here (and all over) of strong girls and women. And yes, plenty of guys too! This time Tammy had the opportunity to sit down with librarian extraordinaire Nancy Pearl. They taped an interview for Book Lust with Nancy Pearl which will appear on a local channel as well as on-line.

Below is a picture of these two formidable Ladies of Literature plus a picture of Tammy pre-signing books for University Books’ event later that evening.  Tamora Pierce is always a pleasure to see, especially her interaction with her fans which is always sincere and so rewarding for them.

Nancy Pearl and Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce

The last event I attended was for Emily Jenkins. Although she was touring for Toys Come Home, she did an event for her Ruby Oliver series (which she writes as E. Lockhart). This gave her a great excuse to do an event at the school that Ruby Oliver’s high school is based on, Emily’s alma mater.

This is Emily eating lunch in the same cafeteria she used as a teenager!

Emily Jenkins

I had not seen Emily since she toured for her first book with us, Toys Go Out. At that time she met Rene Kirkpatrick, who worked for the now closed All for Kids. Lucky for the children’s bookselling world, Rene now works at Third Place Books buying and setting up children’s events.  Emily and I caught up on our kids (our oldest are the same age), the many books she’s gone on to write both for RH and others, and spent some time discussing the details of the controversial decision the National Book Award committee made asking Lauren Myracle to withdraw her book for consideration.

Emily Jenkins and Rene Kirkpatrick

I was thrilled to be able to make time to see each of these authors and the fun isn’t over. At the end of November I’ll get to spend some time with Christopher Paolini, who started his tour for Eragon here in the Pacific Northwest and has gone on to have quite a journey.

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  1. Cheryl McKeon permalink
    November 12, 2011 12:46 pm

    Thanks to Deanna for a newsy and personal update on these iconic authors! It is always a delight to see favorites doing well (including our beloved reps.)

    • November 13, 2011 3:00 am

      And even though we love Rene, you are still missed terribly!!

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