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“The View from Monday”

July 25, 2011

Today at RAoR we are debuting a new feature called “The View from Monday”, in which we reps will share our enthusiasm for some of the new titles coming out this month. A very interesting part of our jobs is that we literally live with these books for 6 to 9 months before they appear on the bookstore shelves, all the while  working toward the day they are officially released for your reading pleasure. I guess we’re all in the right job when it’s still exciting to see publication day for a new book arrive.

Start your week with us and get ready for these new titles that will be in bookstores on August 9thHappy reading!

Magical Ms. Plum by Bonny Becker – new in paperback.

This is the perfect gift for that favorite teacher!  Ms. Plum has a great knack for handling all the different personalities in her classroom with a Midas touch.  She is a cross between Mary Poppins & Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. -Dandy








 Eight Keys by Suzanne Lafleur   

I was a huge fan of Love, Aubrey & excited to read Suzanne LaFleur’s latest book.  Suzanne creates another authentic voice in Elise as she enters 6th grade.  Readers get a sneak peek into some real life issues for kid’s this age- how to deal with a bully, figuring out friendships and realizing that your actions define who you are.  Just like Love, Aubrey, I think this is another perfect fit for mother daughter book groups. –Dandy






 Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay

 In Juliet Immortal , Romeo and Juliet aren’t really dead after all. They are reborn every 30 – 40 years, and in the bodies of teenagers. Juliet’s purpose is to bring together star-crossed lovers and Romeo, well he’s still angry and has made it his mission to get back at Juliet for not really being dead after all. A truly modern story with some great action sequences and twists of the plot and a nod to true love, wherever you may find it. Perfect for readers 12+. -Kate





 Zoozical by Marc Brown, illustrated by Judy Sierra

Did you ever wonder what happens at the zoo in the Winter? Not too much, but when the animals get bored without their usual throngs of visitors they decide to have some fun and put on a musical to beat the band and the winter blues all at the same time! You may recognize some of the animals from the bestselling Wild About Books, another brilliant collaboration from Judy Sierra and Marc Brown. Zoozical is just plain fun, great to read aloud with the whole family—it might even inspire you to put on a show of your own. -Kate




 The Girl Behind the Glass by Jane Kelley 

My personal pick for the fall season. What if the girl you saw reflected in the glass wasn’t you? A family is forced to move to a temporary home until their house is ready. Twins Hannah and Anna are inseparable and not too happy about this situation. Well, little do they know that the house is haunted. Strangely, only Hannah can sense someone’s presence. The rest of the family hears and sees nothing. With Hannah’s reactions to things the family begins to think that Hannah is going crazy. What is she really hearing and seeing? Why her and no one else? Is she really going crazy? Lots of surprises along the way…….This one will definitely hold your interest! Perfect for readers ages 9-12. -Lillian



 Ingenue by Jillian Larkin

I loved Vixen, the first book in Jillian Larkin’s Flapper series, and the sequel, Ingenue, doesn’t disappoint. The Roaring Twenties, New York City, the Mob, smoky jazz clubs, dancing, danger and forbidden love- teens and adults who love YA will love this fun, gossipy look at three flappers and their madcap adventures. If you haven’t read Vixen, it’s now available in paperback so you can catch up with Gloria, Clara and Lorraine in their earlier Chicago experiences. -Erin





 And that’s not all! Join us again for The View From Monday on August 15th to see our picks for the new books that will be on sale on August 23rd.

And of course, don’t forget to share your comments with us.

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  1. July 25, 2011 8:14 am

    The Magical Ms. Plum sounds divine – I loved Mary Poppins and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle as a kid.


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