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New Links We Know You’ll Love

July 8, 2011

Here are some articles we’ve read this week in literary journals and on blogs that we thought you would enjoy!

Here are two rave reviews from a thirteen-year-old guest poster over at You Know, For Kids.  She shares her thoughts on When You Reach Me and The Queen of Water, an astonishing true story that would make a great book club or classroom discussion choice.

One of my favorite family cooking blogs is branching out to include a summer reading series for kids. The first author guest post is by George Saunders, and his summer reading picks for kids includes The Sneetches and The Poky Little Puppy, among many other fantastic new and older titles.

This piece on indie bookstores becoming valued community centers includes strange and interesting things bookstores are organizing to bring in customers and provide value to their towns, including an event called Literary Clown Foolery that The Booksmith in the Bay Area recently hosted.

Should schools still teach cursive in the age of computers and typing? Indiana schools no longer require it. Teachers and parents, feel free to weigh in on this.

A Geek Prom? All the more reason to check out what fun things your local library might be offering! (via GreenBeanTeenQueen)

A Random House author we love, Brian Katcher, gives Forever Young Adult a behind-the-scenes look at ALA, including such fun things as speed dating with authors and his four-year-old’s first experiences with New Orleans flavor.

And finally, we tweeted this, but how cool is it that Kate Middleton is an Anne of Green Gables fan?

*photo found here, credit Joel and Trish Chong

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