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The Warlock: Spoiler Free

June 30, 2011

Let’s start with the truth………I’ve been putting off writing this post because the book was so very good that I wasn’t sure I could write about it without giving everything away! Let me assure you, this is a spoiler free post, and it was REALLY hard to write!

I am a rabid fan of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series by Michael Scott and anxiously await the arrival of each new title on audio. After it arrives I want to do nothing but listen to the latest adventures of Josh, Sophie, Scatty and Joan. (Yes, those are my four favorite characters – so far.) I was THRILLED when The Warlock arrived, even more than I usually am, because I had just heard Michael Scott talk about it a day or two before at Politics and Prose Bookstore. The event at P&P was fantastic! The knowledge of mythology that Michael holds in his head is beyond amazing – he can rattle off facts like he is reading them from a script. But the knowledge of his books that his fans possess is even more impressive. The questions that they ask, and the minute details that they remember astonish me. The fact that Michael even remembered some of the names of the people in the crowd from his last visit to DC was also extraordinary!

(I’m having a really hard time not talking about the end of The Warlock. Has anyone read it yet? I need to talk about it!)

My favorite part of the books? That so much of them is real. All of the characters, except Josh and Sophie, really exist. All of the locations they travel to – down to the street names! – really exist. All of the creatures exist in someone’s mythology. You could go online and research these things! You could make a family/school project based on this series. Or you can just read the books and enjoy the stories that Michael weaves. Personally, I do a little of both.

I’m both dreading and looking forward to the final book in the series which will be coming out next year. I’m not ready for Josh and Sophie’s adventure to end, but I REALLY want to know what happens!

Michael Scott captivating his crowd

One on one time with the author

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