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What’s on My Bookshelf: Erin

June 6, 2011

Every so often we like to feature our personal bookshelves, to give you a little glimpse into our private libraries. If you’d like us to feature your bookshelf, send a high-resolution picture and a little bit about the books on your shelf to our email address and we’ll run a round-up soon!

This is the bookshelf in my bedroom. It’s small, since our room is pretty little, so I have to rotate the books in and out. This forces me to be ruthless and move any books I haven’t been motivated to pick up out to a lesser shelf every few months!

There are four basic categories of the books on this shelf: 1. Books I mean to read; 2. Books I’ve recently finished or got halfway through and set down but may pick up again; 3. Signed young adult books and galleys from authors I’ve met for work; and 4. Library books I plan to read.

A few of the books in category 1 that you might see above include Beautiful Children, which I’ve started at least 4 times but keep setting down since the story is so disturbing, Unbroken, which many readers I trust have read and loved but falls into the nonfiction genre that I rarely read, The Passage, which my husband still raves about months after finishing it but which I fear might give me post-apocalyptic nightmares, and Half Broke Horses, which a Simon and Schuster rep was kind enough to give me at a recent trade show.

Category 2, books I’ve just finished, includes Cutting for Stone (recent book club choice which we all loved), The Poison Tree, which I highly recommend to Tana French fans, Revolution, my favorite young adult novel of 2010 and Outliers, which I read for a social media class I recently took. My travel books fall into this section as well since I’ve been poring over them while planning my sabbatical trip!

Category 3, signed “work” books and galleys I plan to read soon, include Moon Over Manifest, the 2010 Newbery Award Winner, Museum of Thieves, which I had signed when I hosted a “buzz dinner” for the Australian author last fall, Crushed, which is an old title by a local author I helped plan a signing for recently, and two fall 2011 books I’m halfway through and really enjoying, My Beating Teenage Heart and Juliet Immortal.

Lastly, the library books: a young adult memoir by Nic Sheff and an adult thriller that I read about and am excited to get to, eventually. I volunteer for my local county library system on social media and marketing plans, and I am a lifelong, die-hard library supporter and user. I reserve books to be sent to my local branch and always have at least three or four at home at any time (not including the stacks and stacks we check out for my kids to read!)

Hope you enjoyed this little peek at my bookshelf!

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  1. June 6, 2011 8:16 am

    My bookcase in my bedroom was arranged similarly until I just expanded it this weekend with 2 brand new bookcases. I’m thinking that may have been a mistake.

    • Erin permalink
      June 9, 2011 2:29 pm

      I have a LOT of shelving in my garage but I try my hardest to keep my bedroom shelf to just those books I might read soon or else it would take over!

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