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The Junie B. Jones Stupid Smelly Bus Tour Kicks Off Today!

June 3, 2011

Junie B. Jones has been entertaining and delighting kids with her antics for the last two decades, and each summer Random House sends Junie and Mr. Woo on a nationwide “Stupid Smelly Bus Tour” live event.  Get the scoop on this exciting summer book event from our RHC colleague and publicity insider, Kathy.  The bus will be stopping in 15 cities throughout the country this summer so be sure to check out the link below for a complete tour schedule.

Are you or someone you know a Junie B. Jones fan? If so, then you won’t want to miss Random House Children’s Books’ annual “Junie B. Jones® Stupid Smelly Bus Tour”, a live theatrical performance that brings the antics of everyone’s favorite first grader to life for fans across the country. This is the tour’s eighth year, and will be headed to 15 cities across the country between June 3rd and July 11th for fun-filled performances and “book stampings.” Last year’s tour reached over 8,500 fans and this year’s tour is sure to do the same. Never been to a Junie B. bus tour event? Well, here is what you can expect:

Junie B. and her faithful bus driver Mr. Woo arrive to their performance venues in their own bright pink mini-bus, decorated with familiar characters and the distinct design of the book series. Completely, eye-catching, the bus makes the perfect backdrop for those keepsake snapshots that kids will want to use as a memento.

Then begins the fun-filled, live show, which consists of 20-minutes of a “Show and Tell” by Junie B. of her most favorite treasures brought from home in her hot pink “Trunk of Junk”.  These include familiar items from the books, such as Junie B’s favorite stuffed animal Philip Johnny Bob, and the floaty ball from the toilet tank, Junie B.’s favorite “plumbing supply.” The show’s script is an original one, and penned by Park herself, so Junie B. looks and feels authentic.

After the performance has ended, Junie B. “stamps” each attendee’s books with her signature stamp. This summer, our actress will definitely be stamping a lot of the latest title in the series JUNIE B.’S THESE PUZZLES HURT MY BRAIN! BOOK. Once their books have been stamped, each child will receive a special Junie B. souvenir from the event, which changes every year and this year will be a mini-JBJ calendar.

Once the last book has been stamped, Junie B. and Mr. Woo hop back on the “Stupid Smelly” bus to head off to their next tour stop. There have been lots of funny highlights since the tour launched in 2004, including Junie B. meeting Pauly Shore at a television studio, and a group of older woman who cornered our tour manager in a fast food restaurant in the Midwest to ask for a bus drive-by so one of their grandchildren could see the bus (and which our tour manager obliged!)  I have to say that even as an adult who has seen the show numerous times over the last eight years, it continues to be laugh-out-loud funny and a highlight of my summer. I hope the tour is coming to a city near you! Check out for the complete listing of tour cities and dates.

Deanna’s son, Levi, and a friend enjoy the Bus Tour a few years ago

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