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Get To Know a Rep: Kate

May 23, 2011
We decided it would be fun to “reintroduce” ourselves to you, so periodically we’ve been running “Get to Know a Rep” posts  to give our readers a little more information on the people writing this blog! We’ve featured Deanna, Nic  , Dandy and Erin and today’s post is from Kate. Hope you enjoy this!  

a visitor at my office window

What was a job you’ve had that our readers would find surprising? While I was in college I worked at a Summer Camp in Maine. I know, you’re saying that’s not really unusual, but here’s the surprising part, as well as all the usual camp counselor duties and working as a swimming instructor and lifeguard, I got to use my Pantomime skills. That’s right I can walk without going anywhere and do that thing that makes me look like I’m stuck in an invisible box.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? Read….bake, knit, quilt, garden, I love to be outdoors and I’m pretty sure I could have been a pilgrim, or Martha Stewart. Here ‘s a picture of one of the  gardens, I call this one “the outer office”, it’s a very nice place to read.      


Do you have a favorite author meeting memory? In 23 years with Random House I’ve been lucky enough to meet many, many authors, so it’s really difficult to say if I have a favorite among them, but….I think I’d have to say Carl Hiaasen was a thrill to meet. I’d been a fan of his adult books literally since I just happened to pick up a copy his first novel of TOURIST SEASON the week it was released (yes, I do think I’m his “oldest fan”). If you know Carl’s adult books, you can imagine my surprise when his first book for kids came my way, I loved his storytelling but worried whether he’d be able to have the same engaging style writing for middle grade readers without his trademark ingredients which often include a bit of sex, lots of swearing and the occasional dismemberment. Luckily he and his genius editor Nancy Siscoe made it all work and I can hardly wait to read his next middle grade novel CHOMP when it comes out in Spring 2012.

So, long story short, I was lucky enough to meet Carl Hiaasen at a sales conference a few years ago where I did tell him all of the above. Fortunately for me he did not run screaming into the night and took my fan-girl behavior with good humor—he even told me he would have signed my first edition of TOURIST SEASON if I’d brought it. (Silly me, I’d left it at home.)

And even after all this time and all the wonderful opportunities I’ve had to meet as I call them “the talent”, I’ll admit that I still get tongue-tied and my hands get clammy and it’s like I’m 12 years old all over again………except if I’d been lucky enough to meet an author at age 12 I probably would have fainted.

What’s your favorite childhood bookstore? We didn’t have a bookstore in my neighborhood but my Mom made sure to introduce us to the library and we spent lots and lots of time there. The first library I remember was our local branch of the Brockton MA Public Library, and when we moved to Quincy MA we were lucky enough to make regular visits to the new Adams Shore Branch and the main Thomas Crane Public Library, where that building was as fascinating as the books—it had glass floors in some of the stacks!

Any more burning questions you have about reps and what we do? Ask them in our comments section and we’ll respond.

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  1. Deanna permalink
    May 23, 2011 11:46 am

    You are in for such a treat with Chomp, Hiaasen’s new one! I’m about halfway through and I love it!


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