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An Author Joins Us: Jillian Larkin of Vixen

January 20, 2011

 Today, we are thrilled to welcome debut author Jillian Larkin to our blog. We’ve raved about her fun new young adult novel Vixen before– we really loved her fresh take on flappers, the Jazz Era, Prohibition and forbidden love. If you want to see what all the buzz is about, please click on the pdf link below to the book’s first chapter. Vixen is now available in stores and online.

The idea for Vixen swirled around in my head for a long time before I got up the guts to write anything down.  For years I’ve loved the film Annie Hall and thought Annie was the coolest character I’d ever seen.  Diane Keaton makes me want to start wearing pantsuits every day. 

I sing myself and that was the film that really got me wondering what it might be like to be a nightclub singer.  I eventually realized I wanted to write more than I wanted to sing for a living, but I loved the idea of writing about a nightclub singer. 

Thanks to an early obsession with the film Thoroughly Modern Millie, I’ve been in love with the Jazz Age since before I remember.  So the idea of writing about the 20s and writing about a nightclub singer fused together, and Gloria was born.  The problem was, I was scared to death of trying to write historical fiction and the hours upon hours of research it would entail. 

But a set of circumstances which included reading Zelda by Nancy Milford, hearing about Baz Luhrmann’s plans to adapt The Great Gatsby, and interning at a children’s literary agency during my senior year at NYU convinced me to give writing Vixen a try. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this preview of my debut novel, Vixen!


Author Jillian Larkin

We’re so excited to not just be able to tell you about this fantastic new series, but to share the first chapter with you right here!  

Vixen Chapter One

If you would like to follow Jillian on her other blog stops, please check out these great sites! You can also visit the Flappers website, for the gorgeous book trailer, more information and fun games, like “Create Your Flapper”!

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