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An Author Joins Us: E. Lockhart. Emily Jenkins.

January 11, 2011

Today we are lucky to have a wonderful author join us.  You may be thinking, “Wait, don’t you mean two wonderful authors?”   And the answer is actually, no – that’s not a typo.  If you’re just completely confused now, read on and it should clear some things up.

Thanks for having me visit Random Acts of Reading. 

I read all your 12 Days of  Books posts, and loved them — and not only because one of my books for younger kids was on the list!

I also loved them because those posts got me to buy Modern Fairies, Goblins, Dwarves and Other Nasties for my daughter — and it was a huge hit. 

Santa also somehow knew to bring me the new Barefoot Contessa — How Easy is That?   Thanks, Santa!

That I write books for kids under Emily Jenkins ( and for teens under E. Lockhart ( is something I tried to pretty much keep off the internet until Wikipedia somehow figured it out. Now it’s hardly a secret. 

Of course, since you at Random Acts of Reading are my most awesome sales reps of fabulousness, you knew that already. But I figured it might be fun to use your blog to come clean about it formally. 

Writing the Ruby Oliver books for teenagers , including Real Live Boyfriends (the fourth in the series, which came out Dec 28), uses a different part of my brain than writing the Toys Go Out books for 7 year-olds — but really, there are lots of similarities. Both series are about people (well, people and stuffed animals and rubber balls) who are desperate to connect with others in a true way, and yet they struggle because of their neuroses. 

The toys are liars and self-aggrandizers; they’re full of shame and fear, just like children; just like adults; just like teenagers. They’re reaching out and reaching out and reaching out, and figuring out how to be in the world. They’re learning how to let down all those defenses, how to let go of all those negatives, how to be good friends. Just like children, just like adults, just like teenagers.

The Ruby books are about the same things. In the first book, The Boyfriend List, Ruby has lost her boyfriend and all her friends. The rest of the series is about her figuring out how to rebuild her relationships and form new ones. She’s boy crazy and a tremendous flirt; she’s selfish and angry at herself for being selfish; she makes mistakes and alienates people; she tries to figure out where she’s gone wrong and how to be a good person. 

It’s a different part of my brain in those books, but it’s my same heart.

If you would like to follow E. Lockhart on the rest of her blog tour in support of Real Live Boyfriends, please visit the links below!

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