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12 Days of Books: Day 5

December 15, 2010

We’ll be featuring one short review a day from a member of our group from now until December 24 (excluding weekends) as part of our 12 Days of Books so check back daily! We’ll cover all age ranges, from baby through adult books. And at the end of the 12 days, we will offer one lucky reader the chance to win all 12 books to read yourself, give as gifts, or donate to your local schools or libraries. If you missed day 1, click here. Click here for day 2, and here for day 3, and here for day 4.

Today’s review comes to us from Lillian!

Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins, Illustrated by Paul Zelinsky

Perfect for:  boys and girls age 5-10. A bedtime story for all to enjoy!

Why they’ll love it: What better time to snuggle up and read with your favorite stuffed animals than the holiday season. Come along with Lumphy, String Ray and Plastic as they embark on an adventure to find just the right gift to give the Little Girl that they love, for her birthday ….Do you know which stuffed toy is your child’s favorite?


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