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Kids with Books: Cuter than a Box of Kittens!

November 18, 2010

We received so many wonderful comments on our last post about reading to kids that we wanted to share them with all of our readers. Thank you to everyone who wrote in with just a few of the many reasons it’s so fun to share storytime with the special children in your lives! And please feel free to keep commenting and sending pictures our way. We love the reminder of why it’s so important to get books into the hands of young readers.


My daughter is 13 months so I think the best thing about reading to her lately is every night she is a bit more interested in the book. Goodnight Gorilla is a favorite because instead of naming the animals that follow the zookeeper home she makes all the noises: roar for the lion and something odd and rhythmical that I think is the gorilla. She also has been lying down on the ground and saying “nite, nite” and holding books and hiding books underneath her.  So funny. Glad to hear Gabe likes The Belly Button Book. That is one of Flora’s favorites as well!


STILL reading with Sophia (at almost-12!). She is more than capable of selecting books and reading alone, but we still make time for read-alouds occasionally. The funny thing is, she will occasionally select a well-worn old picture book, or a new book from a favorite author for reading together. Those might be “The Going To Bed Book” by Boynton, or “Sophie’s Masterpiece” by Eileen Spinelli. Or newer titles like “Otis” by Loren Long. But her big kid selections are always interesting- titles by Levithan, Cooney, Amy Goldman Koss, Myracle, or diTerlizzi. My kid has a range of tastes and we pretty much let her run with it.


One of our favorite parts of the day is when we get to curl up together with a book before bedtime.  I’m not sure who loves it more the kids or us.  It is such a wonderful way to get an extra hug in and visit far away places or some that just exist in our heads thanks to the author.  What could be more fun than imagining how Robots would spend their snow day!?


I also love reading to my girls. What’s even better is when I am done reading a story, Sofia will usually want to “read” the book to me and her sister. She goes through each page, and usually has part of it memorized and makes up the rest. Because we do a lot of interactive things, she also has her sister point to various things on the page or asks her what they are. It is SO cute!


Ruby loves to read to herself and her stuffed animals these days. I often find her flipping through the pages of a book and either making something up off the top of her head or paraphrasing the story. It’s great to be raising a reader!


To confess, I’d much rather read aloud for hours than pretend play with Polly Pockets for five minutes. I just can’t maintain that kind of enthusiasm for those dolls. But, reading . . . aaaah.


Alex, my son, is still all about turning the pages as quickly as he can, unless of course there is a lamp or a truck on the page – which requires a full 5 minute detailed exam, accompanied by exclamations of “light!” and “wow!” Lately since we’ve been reading board books to Alex, it’s been great to go back and revisit old favorites like “Goodnight Moon” and “I am a Bunny.” I’m really looking forward to when he will be as patient and engaged as Dylan (who likes to correct me for “messing up” the words.)

 And, as I mentioned in my last post, my three-year-old loves to “read” to us every night. Here’s her take on an Eric Carle classic (for those of you readers who clamored for “more Norah”, or my parents- possibly one and the same!) Don’t miss the scary lion roaring through around :54!

And finally, two of the cutest twins ever “reading” Princess Baby by Karen Katz!

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  1. November 18, 2010 9:14 am

    I love this post! I have such wonderful memories of reading to/with our son. He was always so curious and would want to know what specific words were and taught himself to read that way.

  2. November 18, 2010 10:22 am

    Love, love, love kids with books. I take care of a very young child, and find time to read to her everyday. Sometimes she just likes to sit amongst piles of books and flip through the pages, and it makes me so happy to see it!

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