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Random Links and an Exciting Update!

September 17, 2010

As you may have already seen, Random Acts of Reading has a new fan page on Facebook! Please click on the link on our sidebar to “like” us there. We will be doing special giveaways for our Facebook fans, as well as posting book-related links as we come across them, links to our posts and more!

From time to time, we’ll be sharing links to articles that touched us, gave us a laugh, or made us think.  These are too interesting to keep to ourselves!

My favorite book-related link of the week– warning, some adult content- for those children of the eighties, like myself, who wondered where the Babysitter’s Club girls are now! Profane and hilarious.

Here’s an interesting article on swearing in children’s books. What is your take on how it should be handled? Made up, all-new words to substitute? Or censoring them altogether?

Can reading the Twilight series physically affect teenagers’ brain development? This conference of scientists met just to address how YA literature influences teen minds and behavior. Fascinating stuff!

The New York Times profiled a truly innovative library, built at the Schiphol airport in the Netherlands. This is designed to entertain and educate travellers who are in the airport on a layover and may otherwise not get a glimpse at the country’s sights and history.

The Daily Beast shares a roundup of celebrity children’s books, spurred by this week’s announcement of President Obama’s upcoming publication. Some of my favorites in the slideshow? Jamie Lee Curtis and Julianne Moore.

Among the many media outlets covering the Obama book is the Washington Post, who wonders if this children’s book, dedicated to Malia and Sasha, means that they will no longer be considered “off limits” to the media.

And finally, this adorable piece from Publisher’s Weekly Shelf Talker blog, discusses a recent study that showed that kids’ reading skills improved when reading aloud to dogs! If you have pets at home, may we recommend reading them two recent picture books they may identify with, How Rocket Learned to Read and Dog Loves Books?!

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  1. September 17, 2010 2:35 pm

    ABC News covered the reading with dogs program a few weeks ago. Beautiful. When a child feels supported and safe, improvement comes.

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